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Newsletter - May 2020

Evangelizing Cloud Computing and DevOps

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As Loves Cloud turns 2 this month, I am pleased and excited to share our very first email newsletter with you! As cloud computing and devops interwind and lead us towards digital transformation, it is imperative for executives and management to assess their benefits in terms of productivity, innovation and money.

We will share loads of content with you every month that will help you make decisions around cloud and devops for your products and services. This content will include best practices, case studies, events, tutorials, blogs, reusable components, news and much more along with all the content we have built in-house for the past couple of years.

Let us build a collaborative, competent and comprehensive community together for solving problems through cloud computing and devops. Isn’t that something technology is supposed to do in first place?

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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Albert Anthony

Founder | Loves Cloud


GKE announces management fee for GKE clusters, beginning June 6,2020. They also introduced SLA. https://cloud.google.com/kubernetes-engine/pricing Azure Kubernetes Service still doesn’t have any management fee. Elastic Kubernetes Service at AWS is already charging similar fee.

Gartner published magic quadrant for cloud management platforms (CMP) for the second year, expects CMP market to reach $300 million by 2022. https://www.gartner.com /en/documents/3980925



We at Loves Cloud are obsessed with making cloud simple for all and that is the reason we built PowerBoard. A cloud management platform for all teams that is developed by cloud specialists, for simplifying cloud management. PowerBoard meets your requirement for cost, security, automation and governance across public cloud platforms.

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Managing Cost for Your Cloud Workloads

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Why CEOs Burn Their Hands on Cloud & DevOps?

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Case Study

We worked with our customer to reduce cost and complexity of running multiple machine learning models simultaneously on cloud. We relied on serverless computing to provide an innovative solution for saving money and increasing productivity.

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Cloud Service

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop is an exceptional service, launched in late 2019 that is quite handy now in the era of remote working. It is secured, fast and provides a cost-efficient solution for organizations.

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