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Newsletter – November 2020

Evangelizing Cloud Computing & DevOps

Dear Reader,

For businesses, it’s a constant challenge to keep track of scores of resources across accounts on multiple cloud computing platforms and various DevOps tools during the software development lifecycle. This is especially true if you are an enterprise, with applications using varied tools, technologies, and platforms.

The main problem they face is resource and tools swarm which leads to cost escalation, lack of informed decisions related to usability, security, and governance and multiple dashboards and metrics to monitor for their respective tools.

If only there was an easier way to analyze all relevant metrics on a single platform that would consolidate all data points from all accounts for all major public cloud platforms and most popular DevOps tools. Customers could derive insights related to cost allocation, cost optimization, security, governance, monitoring, and take actions proactively without requiring technical skills for Cloud Computing and DevOps tools.

More than 90 vendors offer cloud management functionality. However, a smaller number offers CMP functionality such as PowerBoard by Loves Cloud.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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Albert Anthony

Founder | Loves Cloud

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