Single tool to take control of Microsoft 365

Why OfficeBoard?

Your business relies on you to make the right decisions for your company. OfficeBoard is a business intelligence platform for Microsoft 365 administration.
It provides you with critical metrics and insights that simplifies optimizing, monitoring, securing, reporting and managing Microsoft 365
so you can spend more time on what matters most – managing your business.

Save Money on License Costs

  • Get details of all licenses along with the monthly active usage for all products.
  • Reduce wastage and optimize costs

Secure Your M365 Apps

  • Real time threat assessment and secure score
  • Categorized security alerts with granular details
  • Manage data security

Manage Teams

  • Manage teams usage to drive business growth
  • Monitor calls, groups and users

Centralized Governance & Compliance

  • Manage Exchange and monitor email traffic
  • Monitor Active Directory including sign-ins

How OfficeBoard Helps?

OfficeBoard allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort spent on Microsoft 365 administration. It replaces old-fashioned, time consuming manual reporting processes with quick insights and easy to digest metrics.

With OfficeBoard, you can easily see where your organization stands, including licenses, security and compliance for Microsoft 365. With its extensive reporting, detailed dashboards and actionable insights, OfficeBoard helps you make better decisions to improve your Microsoft 365 management.

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