FinOps Masterclass for Azure, AWS & GCP

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20 Participants Only



14 – 17 November, 2022

10 am – 1 pm EST  |  4 pm – 7 pm CET  |  7:30 pm – 10:30 pm IST

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What You Will Learn

  1. Learn about cloud computing cost, how is it different from cost
  2. Fundamentals of FinOps (Finance and DevOps), phases and modules
  3. How to put FinOps strategy in place and champion FinOps in your organization
  4. Various ways to optimize cloud computing cost for Azure, AWS and GCP
  5. Best practices for optimizing costs for most common cloud services
  6. Cloud native tools for managing costs
  7. Sharing cost information across stakeholders

Intended Audience

  • FinOps practitioners and cloud consultants
  • Cloud cost management consultants
  • Finance roles such as Financial Advisors, Financial Planners
  • CFO and CTO
  • Engineering roles such as managers and devops engineers
  • IT managers owning cloud budget
  • Cloud solution architects

Agenda of the Training

Day 1

  1. Introductions – Cloud Computing,  Cloud Cost Structure
  2. Why FinOps is Needed with Cloud Computing
  3. FinOps and FinOps Foundation
  4. FinOps Phases
  5. Cloud Billing Fundamentals

Day 2

  1. Tagging for Cloud Resources
  2. Cloud Cost Allocation, Chargeback
  3. Cost Visibility
  4. Budgeting
  5. Automation for Sharing Cost Information with all Stakeholders

Day 3

  1. Common ways to optimize Cost for Public Cloud Platforms
  2. Cloud Cost Optimization for Azure
  3. Cloud Cost Optimization for AWS
  4. Cloud Cost Optimization for GCP

Day 4

  1. Choosing between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  2. Enabling FinOps for your Organization/Customer
  3. FinOps Resources
  4. Best Practices – FinOps, Cost Optimization
  5. Automating FinOps and Cost Optimization Processes
albert anthony

Albert Anthony

About Trainer

Albert is a cloud solution architect and trainer. He has been training professionals on cloud computing and devops since 2016, right after he got his AWS certifications. For the past 20 years, he has had the opportunity to work with product and service organizations in multiple geographies on multiple technologies. He founded Loves Cloud in 2018, which provides consulting, training and product offerings for cloud computing and devops.

He brings unique insights to his training through his real world experience of working with his clients on all major public cloud computing platforms. He specializes in addressing cost and security issues for cloud computing. He has authored the following two books for Packt Publishing:

  1. Mastering AWS Security
  2. Security Best Practices on AWS.