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DevOps for Your Business
Customize your devops journey by adopting to processes, tools and platforms of your choice.
End to End Security & Compliance
Stay secured while staying agile.
Harness The Power of Cloud
Run your workloads on public, private or hybrid cloud.
Train Your Teams
Future proof your workforce by training them on devops, cloud and security solutions.

Why choose us ?

How are we different for resolving your issues related to devops, cloud and security?
We Love Automation
DevOps and Cloud, a dream come true for all automation lovers, just like us.
DevOps and Cloud, a dream come true for all automation lovers, just like us. We aim to automate all manual processes and increase efficiency, productivity and turn around time for our customers.
Customized Solutions
We know that one solution doesn’t solve all issues,
We know that one solution doesn't solve all issues, so we design solutions that solves problem specific to our customers and their use cases.
Cost Optimization
We are obsessed by reducing cost of running workloads for our customers,
We are obsessed by reducing cost of running workloads for our customers, in cloud or on-premises; Ensuring that there is continuous monetary benefits for our customers on an on-going basis.
Certified Professionals
Our entire team is certified on relevant tools, technologies and platforms;
Our entire team is certified on relevant tools, technologies and platforms; including devops and public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Our Services

We provide end to end solutions listed below for your workloads running on cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment.
We live in a world where change is the only constant and for the technology, this phenomenon is on steroids! DevOps is breaking barriers to accelerate product development along with increased collaboration, communication and automation among teams. At Loves Cloud, devops encompasses everything from source control management to CI/CD pipelines to Docker and all the way till monitoring, logging and continuous security.
While DevOps is good at breaking barriers, cloud is your platform to be truly agile in your product development approach. Look no further to experiment or to move your data or your disaster recovery options to cloud. At Loves Cloud, we advocate managed services over servers to harness power of cloud for your product and services while maintaining security, cost and performance as your top priorities.
Secure your applications, data and infrastructure by adopting security by design approach. Integrate security in your devops and your cloud solutions by following DevSecOps. Alongside ensure compliance to frameworks and regulations such as GDPR, ISO, HIPPA, PCI-DSS etc. Loves Cloud provides end to end security and compliance solutions for all your requirements.
Loves Cloud provides curated corporate training solutions for DevOps, Cloud Solutions and Security. These are hands-on, assignment and project based training solutions using real world use-cases. These trainings are tailored to your organizational needs such as certification requirement or consulting requirements for a technology, tool or platform.

Our Partners

About Loves Cloud

Loves Cloud is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with its flagship product as PowerBoard. Loves Cloud provides product and consulting services for devops and cloud computing. It is headquartered in Noida, India and founded in 2017. We are a team of certified architects and consultants who specialize in making digital transformation journey smooth, less expensive and more productive for our customers along with their products and services. We work together with you to plan, execute, maintain, automate and optimize your applications, data, product and infrastructure through devops and cloud!

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Loves Cloud has acted as our Cloud/DevOps partner, helping us deploy and manage cloud infrastructure. As a fast growing startup it is important for us to keep our infrastructure and data secure, scalable and cost optimized. Loves Cloud brings expertise in this domain.

Nicholas Mowatt Larssen

Nicholas Mowatt Larssen

Chief Technology Officer
Pro Well Plan, Norway


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