Webinar FinOps 101

17 November 2022
10 - 11 AM EST | 4 - 5 PM CET | 8:30 - 9:30 PM IST


FinOps 101

FinOps is fast becoming imperative for organizations using cloud computing and it is evident from the unprecedented growth in demand for FinOps professionals. FinOps is an evolving practice and a culture that emphasizes better visibility and management of cloud computing costs across various stakeholders in an organization.

Loves Cloud has been providing training on cloud computing since 2018 and provides consulting services and products for cloud cost optimization and cloud management. With a deep understanding of cost for cloud computing across public cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS and GCP, Loves Cloud is well placed to train professionals on FinOps so that they can champion this initiative for their organizations.



albert anthony

Albert Anthony

Founder, Loves Cloud


DR Monroe

D. R. Monroe

Sr. Cloud Architect, Cloudreach


  1. Introducing FinOps
  2. Why FinOps is Needed for Cloud Computing
  3. Cloud Native Tools for FinOps
  4. FinOps Resources
  5. Bonus: Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices

Who Should Attend

  1. FinOps practitioners and cloud consultants
  2. Cloud cost management consultants
  3. Finance roles such as Financial Advisors, Financial Planners
  4. CFO and CTO
  5. Engineering roles such as managers and devops engineers
  6. IT managers owning cloud budget
  7. Cloud solution architects