Migrating 100+ Websites on Azure

Customer Profile

Loves Cloud’s customer is one of the prominent vendors for government agencies in USA for more than 40 years. They provide software and hardware solutions for fund accounting and utility management for governments and power and water districts and municipalities. They decided to migrate their 100+ websites running on Microsoft technologies and infrastructure from third party data centre to Azure for more than 25 customers.


During our discussion with customer CTO, we agreed on achieving following goals as part of this cloud migration project:

  • Migrating application and database servers to Azure
  • Migrating application data and databases to servers in Azure
  • Configuring all websites and applications to run on Azure application servers and database servers


By utilizing past experiences of several Azure migration projects, Loves Cloud implemented following solution:

  • Created 13 servers in Azure for application and databases
  • Configured servers for applications using Microsoft technologies
  • Setup real time monitoring and alerting for cost and performance of all Azure resources
  • Migrated application data and large MSSQL databases to servers in Azure

Tech Stack

This solution used following tool, platforms and programming and scripting languages:

  • Public cloud platform – Azure
  1. Virtual machines
  2. Storage accounts
  3. Azure monitor
  4. Cost management
  5. VNet
  • Programming & Scripting languages – .NET, Bash


Based on changes implemented within predefined timeline by Loves Cloud, customer gained following benefits in addition to predefined goals:

  • Upgraded application servers and database servers to latest version
  • Changed application framework support to comply with framework version on Azure servers
  • Enabled automated backup on Azure to reduce disaster recovery time
  • Operational cost stayed within customer budget through proactive cost monitoring of all Azure resources