Migrating Application from AWS to GCP

Customer Profile

Loves Cloud’s customer runs a popular dating app in USA. They also provide business services through this dating app. They decided to migrate their application along with their infrastructure from AWS public cloud platform to Google Cloud platform.


During our discussion with customer VP-IT, we agreed on achieving following goals as part of this cloud migration project:

  • Migrating application servers and database servers to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from AWS
  • Migrating application data and databases to servers in GCP
  • Creating services like AWS in GCP for object storage (S3) and serverless computing (Lambda) etc.
  • Configuring all servers, services and applications to run on GCP


Loves Cloud implemented following solution as per goals identified for this project:

  • Migrated all resources such as load balancers, application servers and database servers in GCP
  • Configured comparable services in GCP with respect to AWS such as Google Functions and Google Cloud Storage
  • Setup real time monitoring and alerting for cost and performance of all GCP resources through Stackdriver

Tech Stack

This solution used following tool, platforms and programming and scripting languages:

  • Public cloud platform – Google Cloud Platform
    1. Compute engine
    2. Cloud storage
    3. Google functions
    4. Stackdriver
  • Programming & Scripting languages – .NET
Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform


Based on changes implemented within predefined timeline by Loves Cloud, customer gained following benefits in addition to predefined goals:

  • App was up and running on GCP seamlessly after migration
  • Performance of app improve due to right sizing and right selection of GCP servers and services
  • Operational cost stayed within customer budget through proactive cost monitoring of all GCP resources