Unified Cloud Management
Platform for your Teams

  • Azure & AWS Compatible
  • Cloud Security and Compliance
  • Cost Management
  • Governance and Automation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Resource Utilization

Are You Facing Following Issues with Cloud Computing?

  • Multiple cloud platforms to manage
  • Acute shortage of cloud professionals
  • Too many cloud services to keep track of
  • Governance for cloud users, resources & services
  • No visibility for cloud security & cloud cost
  • Unpredictable resource utilization
  • Continuous & proactive monitoring

Let us assure you that you are not the only one facing these issues. Cloud computing brings multiple challenges for many organizations related to management. With more organizations moving to multi-cloud strategy, it is imperative to look for a solution to address these ever-increasing issues with cloud computing. A cloud management platform (CMP) allows organizations to manage multi-cloud services and resources.

How PowerBoard Solves Your Issues with
Cloud Computing?

  • Manages Azure & AWS, together
  • Bird’s eye view of all cloud resources, across cloud platforms
  • Continuous security & governance checks
  • Proactive threat detection, severity analysis & remediation measures
  • Total visibility of cost & security configurations
  • Detailed analysis of cost spend & cost allocation
  • Increases collaboration & productivity of your teams
  • Saves time & money on cloud management
  • Actionable insights & recommendations

How PowerBoard Simplifies Cloud Management?