Cloud Management

  • Cost Visibility & Cost Optimization
  • Security Best Practices
  • Resource Utilization
  • Governance
  • Monitoring

Do more with cloud
Leave visibility and management on us

We developed Powerboard as an essential tool for your cloud management where you only have to take care of your business and worry less about your cloud.

Regular visibility within your cloud storage, services, cost & security will reduce the chances of surprise bills and escalations within your teams.

It will make your team’s life easier by identifying risks, increasing transparency and honing your team’s understanding about best practices for cloud.

How PowerBoard Works

Data Collection

Detecting anomalies and patterns through your cloud and DevOps data

Data Analysis

Analysing metrics and trends for your cloud resources and activities


Presenting human readable non-technical information


Recommending remediation steps as per Cloud and DevOps best practices

More power to your Cloud. Today!

Still wondering what value Powerboard can add to your cloud? We can help you with it with a delightful demo. More than 100 metrics to amaze you what you were missing in your cloud.


No more “cloudy” cloud

  • Work stress free on your cloud
  • No more scattered cloud management processes
  • Reduced escalation
  • Enhanced monitoring & hygiene