Quicker Deployment Cycles



Increase in Product Quality


Faster Innovation Cycles


Reduction in Suspension of  Operations

FOSS DevOps Toolchain

01 Jenkins
Automate Build and Deployment
03 Kubernetes
Scale and manage Containers
05 Terraform
Infrastructure as a Code
02 Docker
Containerize all work loads
04 Ansible
Code your Configuration Management
06 Graylog
Continuous Monitoring and Logging

Cloud Offerings

Digital Transformation
Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Administration
Cloud Migration
Cloud Security
Multi Cloud Solutions

Workloads Evolution

Begin your DevOps journey by automating your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines for your workloads. Later, convert your workloads to run on container platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes. Finally, evolve your workloads by converting them either entirely or partially into serverless architecture. You also have an option to run your workloads on a hybrid architecture that includes servers, containers and serverless components.