Using Service Now to Manage AWS Resources

Customer Profile

Our customer provides IT solutions in Middle East. One of their largest account had a requirement to integrate their ITSM tool, Service Now with AWS for provisioning resources in AWS and monitoring resources in AWS through Service Now.


During our discussion with customers IT Leaders and Finance Team members, we zeroed in for following goals:

  1. AWS integration with ITSM tool that is currently used by customers IT team
  2. Allow AWS Catalog and Resource listing in ITSM tool
  3. Only specific AWS Regions to be used for deploying AWS resources for complaince reason
  4. All Requests for AWS Resources, such as EC2 instances to go through Request Approval Process of ITSM tool
  5. Display list of running/in-use AWS resources in ITMS tool dashboard and resources list
  6. Service Now is the ITSM tool used by customer


  1. Used Service Now Amazon Web Services Plugin for AWS integration
  2. Create an AWS Service Account for Service Now Instance with Service Now AWS Service account
  3. Automated discovery of AWS resources with Service Now Discovery Schedules for AWS Cloud
  4. Added allowed AWS Regions as Data Centers in Service Now
  5. Used Serivce Now Ticketing workflow to launch Instance in AWS, each EC2 request goes through same resource approval cycle as any other requisitions in organization

Tech Stack

This solution used following tool, platforms, services and programming languages:

  1. Public cloud platform – AWS. Following services are prominently used:
    • AWS Ec2
    • AWS Config
    • AWS SNS
    • AWS Cloudwatch
  2. ITSM – Service Now
    • AWS Cloud Plugins
      • AWS
      • AWS Core
      • AWS Activities
      • Discovery AWS
      • EC2 V2
      • Orchestration Activities EC2
Tech Stack

Solution Architecture

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Based on changes implemented with Service Now AWS Plugins and changes at AWS end, customer gained following:

  1. Complete management of AWS Resources from Service Now
  2. Resources can be launched only in approved regions allowing better governance and compliance
  3. Full control on resources launched in AWS along with Service Now workflow
  4. User can define base AMIs to be used for an AWS account for entire organization and control through Service Now
  5. Integration with AWS SNS service and Service Now allows users to see alerts and notifications in Service Now for any event in AWS for any resource