Why is DevOps Required?

Well, the big question, why the heck do I need devops anyway? Everything is running more or

less as expected in my organization and there are hiccups in every single organization, so what’s the big deal about requiring devops?

This is not a very uncommon question and certainly rattles most of us. How do we justify necessity of devops for an organization or a team to a project sponsor?

With applications evolving from monolithics to microservices and servers giving way to containers, managed services, serverless et al and infrastructure turning into code, it is beneficial to go all out for devops from day one, for large enterprises and for a one person startup alike.

Following are few of many benefits of adopting devops that might help to justify devops use case:

Reliable and faster software delivery.

Stable environments.

Increased collaboration and communication between teams.

Now, an important thing to note here is that these benefits encompasses entire product organization and not just a development team or an operations team. You could see that sales department as well as support department will also benefit from faster software delivery and stable environments, respectively. It is imperative to understand and emphasize that apart from making life easy for software development teams and operations teams, devops will also provide tangible benefits for entire organization as a whole.

Software development, as a process used to revolve around iron triangle of cost, scope and time during its waterfall days. Agile seems to overcome this challenge successfully and devops simply extends this advantage to another level. This is a huge leap forward for organizations how have been historically struggling with iron clad project management processes.

Agile has taught us to release software features in shorter, frequent cycles that sometimes results in chaos for development, testing and operations teams. Devops certainly aims to address this chaos while maintaining agile best practices. Devops integrates with cloud to automate all our repetitive, manual processes. On a personal note, I firmly believe that cloud, agile and devops is a marriage made in heaven. I’ll write about it in detail later.

Remember, devops is required to be efficient, agile, reliable, collaborative and informed about your product, teams and organization as a single unit. When a group of people work together as a team, they achieve well beyond their wildest dreams and that’s the beauty of devops.

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