OfficeBoard – Microsoft365 Licenses Cost Savings Opportunities

We released a new “Savings” page in OfficeBoard to help organizations manage and optimize their #Microsoft365 licensing costs. This page serves as a single pane of glass to identify, analyze and share licenses costs savings opportunities with all stakeholders in your organization.

Following information is available on this page:
1. Licenses cost savings opportunities for all licenses.
2. Licenses cost savings opportunities for all departments.
3. Details of licenses and users for 3 categories

1️⃣ Users that “Never Logged-In”, for eg. conference rooms
2️⃣ Users that are “Inactive” for more than 30 days
3️⃣ “Disabled” Users
4. You can use these details to remove and/or right size licenses. For eg. Why allocate an E3 or an E5 to a conference room?
5. Improve governance by utilizing this data. For eg. Why a user, highlighted, is in “Disabled” state for more than 6 months? 
6. “Inactive” users > 30 days are determined based on their last activity date for an app, such as “Teams”, “Exchange” etc.
7. Identify zombie licenses and users that are not allocated to any departments, highlighted as “Undefined” departments. Your licenses cost allocation data will always be accurate going forward.
8. A separate “Licenses” module allows you to view and manage
1️⃣ Licenses inventory
2️⃣ Licenses allocation for domains, departments and roles
3️⃣ Shared licenses
4️⃣ Monthly active usage for all apps


Below is a partial view of the “Savings” page.
Standard features of OfficeBoard
➡Download all data as a PDF and/or as a spreadsheet (CSV format).
➡For spreadsheet, all data is available in separate tabs as shown on the page.
➡Share a screenshot or snip a portion of any page to share with stakeholders as these features are built-in OfficeBoard. Look for these icons on the top right side of the page.
➡Data refreshes daily, so you are always updated with the current state of Licenses cost savings and management for all your licenses across all departments in your organization.
OfficeBoard by Loves Cloud is a management platform for Microsoft365 apps, users and devices. It helps you to manage licensing costs, security and governance for Microsoft365.

🌟 P.S. Intune module releasing next month!


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