FinOps for Microsoft365 Through OfficeBoard

FinOps is certainly turning out to be one of the key components for cloud financial management. As organizations work towards cloud cost visibility, optimization and deciphering unit economics, they also look for a similar solution for their Microsoft 365 costs.

OfficeBoard simplifies FinOps for Microsoft365.
1️⃣ View paid licenses inventory.
2️⃣ Review licenses usage.
3️⃣ Review licenses cost savings opportunities, updated daily!
4️⃣ Improve governance and cost allocation across all departments for an organization.

OfficeBoard enables organizations to precisely target their licensing decisions. They can see if investments they have made in expensive licenses are cost effective or not by reviewing licenses usage data. Organizations can also allocate costs to departments for their respective licenses and identify zombie licenses where no departments are assigned.

Find out all licenses assigned to inactive users, users with disabled status and users who never logged in. Review licenses allocation for domains, departments and roles.

➡ View licenses inventory and utilization on one dashboard
➡ Reduce wastage by removing licenses for inactive users
➡ Optimize costs continuously by right sizing licenses based on usage
➡ Centralized license management and governance across departments
➡ Share dashboards and PDF reports with all stakeholders
➡ Download, share and export data as spreadsheet

Use OfficeBoard to manage cost, security and governance for your Microsoft365 users, apps and devices more efficiently.
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